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Ligue 1 teams ranked by most shots (Season 2023/24) – 18.09.2023

Ligue 1 teams ranked by most shots (Season 2023/24)



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Which team will finish the season as the top ranked by most shots in Ligue 1?


It’s easy to count shots, but which teams are really the best in this category?

Shooting is a lost art form in football, but these teams on the list try to keep the tradition going.

There are thousands of relevant statistics that we could take away from the season so far, and some would argue that the most important statistic is the one that tells us who’s at the top of the league.

But today we are looking at the teams ranked by most shots in Ligue 1 of the season so far. Which team have made the most shots so far this season? And how many? Let’s see.


Team S
1. Marseille 77
2. Paris Saint-Germain 75
3. Rennes 67
4. Nice 66
5. Lille 63
6. Monaco 62
7. Montpellier 57
8. Clermont Foot 57
9. Brest 56
10. Lyon 55
11. Le Havre 54
12. Lens 47
13. Reims 43
14. Metz 41
15. Nantes 36
16. Toulouse 33
17. Lorient 31
18. Strasbourg 27

S = Shots

* A list of the teams ranked by most shots in Ligue 1 (Season 2023/24).


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Credits (SL Bilten 21/22, p.11)


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