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AZ Alkmaar Players Salaries

AZ Alkmaar Players Salaries – Season 2023/2024

Football Salaries
Football Salaries

AZ Alkmaar Players Salaries?

What are the AZ Alkmaar Players Salaries for Season 2023/2024?

Which AZ Alkmaar players are the highest paid?

We spent countless hours over the last few months tracking football player movement and digging through every possible article regarding AZ Alkmaar we could get our hands in an attempt to bring you this list. Please note that these amounts are approximate and in no way official but we believe that through our research we can present this important information as close to accurate as you will find without seeing the signed contracts themselves.

We present to you list of the AZ Alkmaar Players Salaries for 2023/2024 season (weekly wages) and the most important information and details regarding AZ Alkmaar football players contracts.

AZ Alkmaar 2023-24 Payroll

Player Gross Weekly Wages
Jordy Clasie £19,000
Djordje Mihailovic £18,000
Mathew Ryan £12,000
Sven Mijnans £10,000
Bruno Martins Indi £10,000
Dani de Wit £10,000
Vangelis Pavlidis £9,500
Riechedly Bazoer £8,700
Denso Kasius £8,400
Wouter Goes £6,100
Myron van Brederode £5,100
Jens Odgaard £5,100
Tiago Dantas £3,600
Yukinari Sugawara £3,400
Mees de Wit £2,900
Maxim Dekker £2,200
AZ Alkmaar Players Salaries
AZ Alkmaar Players Salaries

Important information regarding AZ Alkmaar

Alkmaar Zaanstreek, better known as AZ Alkmaar or simply AZ, is a Dutch professional football club from Alkmaar and the Zaanstreek. The club plays in the Eredivisie, the highest professional football league in the Netherlands, and hosts home matches at the AFAS Stadion.

AZ has won the Eredivisie twice, in 1980–81 and 2008–09. In the same season as their first league title, they also reached the UEFA Cup Final, which they lost to Ipswich Town.

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*Editor’s Note: It is extremely hard to find official AZ Alkmaar Players Salaries. Through a lot of research, we were able to get as close as we possibly could to prepare a list of the AZ Alkmaar Players Salaries for 2023/2024 season with the correct salaries. The salary numbers are the best representation of all of our research.