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Victor Lindelof and Maja Nilsson

Victor Lindelöf and Maja Nilsson

Victor Lindelof and Maja Nilsson

Everything you need to know about Victor Lindelöf the Manchester United star and his stunning partner Maja Nilsson.

Welcome to all fans from all over the world. We have searched and crawled the internet and have come up with some amazing facts and pictures regarding Victor Lindelöf and Maja Nilsson. Make sure to stick around until the end. Enjoy!

Who is Victor Lindelöf?

Name in home country: Victor Jörgen Nilsson-Lindelöf

Date of birth: Jul 17, 1994

Place of birth: Västerås,  Sweden

Height: 1,87 m

Citizenship: Sweden

Position: Defender – Centre-Back

Foot: Right

Player agent: HCM Sports Management

Current club: Manchester United

Victor Jörgen Nilsson Lindelöf is a Swedish professional footballer who plays as a defender for English Premier League club Manchester United and the Sweden national team. Mainly a centre-back, he can also play as a right-back.

Personal Life?

Following his move to Manchester United in 2017, Lindelöf announced his engagement to his long-time girlfriend Maja Nilsson.

They got married at the end of May 2018, in Sweden. In March 2019, their first child was born.


Youth career 
2007–2009Vasteras SK
Senior career 
2009–2011Vasteras SK
2012–2015Benfica B
2017–Manchester United
National team 
2010–2011Sweden U17
2012–2013Sweden U19
2014–2015Sweden U21

How much does he earn?

Manchester United spent 35 million euros to sign Victor Lindelöf from Benfica in the summer of 2017. Victor Lindelöf signed a new contract in September 2019 that nets him a salary of €140,000 per week. (€7,280,000 per year).


Current Market Value:

18 Million Euro

Net Worth:

25 Million Euro


2x Portuguese cup winner
2014 Portugal
1x Portuguese Super Cup winner
2017 Portugal
1x Footballer of the Year
1x Euro participant 
2016EURO 2016
3x Portuguese champion
16/17 Liga NOS
15/16 Liga NOS
13/14 Liga NOS
1x Portuguese league cup winner
15/16 Taca CTT
1x European Under-21 champion
2015 2015 European Under-21 Football Championship


Victor Lindelöf

Where does he live?

Victor Lindelöf House
Victor Lindelöf House

What does he drive?

Victor Lindelöf Car

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What kind of boots he is wearing?

Victor Lindelöf Boots

Who is Victor Lindelöf’s partner Maja Nilsson? How does she look like?

Maja Nilsson
Maja Nilsson

Love Matcher

Maja Nilsson

21st December, 1993


Victor Lindelöf

17th July, 1994



Sagittarius and Cancer Love Compatibility


When Cancer and Sagittarius make a love match, they both need to be patient and give the relationship time to grow and mature. As it develops, each love partner will discover that they have much to offer one another. At first, it just seems like Sagittarius is the thrill seeker who enjoys the occasional adrenaline rush, and that Cancer derives much more satisfaction from emotional security. Early in the relationship, Cancer may want more of a commitment than Sagittarius is willing to give. But as time goes by, Sagittarius will learn to appreciate the strong emotional support that Cancer offers.

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Relationship Analysis using Numerology

Year of Birth19931994
Number of Soul38
Number of Dharma66
Number of Karma12

1 and 2

1 and 2: Two very different people who do well if they remember their roles. The 1 is best equipped to be the breadwinner, and the 2 will be the one to feather the nest and keep the warmth of romance alive and well. The 1 must avoid being distracted and never forget how important attention is for the 2 partner.

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