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Matthijs de Ligt and Annekee Molenaar

Matthijs de Ligt and Annekee Molenaar

Matthijs de Ligt and Annekee Molenaar

Everything you need to know about Matthijs de Ligt the Bayern Munich star and his stunning partner Annekee Molenaar.

Welcome to all fans from all over the world. We have searched and crawled the internet and have come up with some amazing facts and pictures regarding Matthijs de Ligt and Annekee Molenaar. Make sure to stick around until the end. Enjoy!

Who is Matthijs de Ligt?

Date of birth: Aug 12, 1999

Place of birth: Leiderdorp  Netherlands

Height: 1,89 m

Citizenship: Netherlands

Position: Defender – Centre-Back

Foot: Right

Player agent: Barry Hulshoff

Current club: Bayern Munich

Outfitter: Adidas

Matthijs de Ligt is a Dutch professional footballer who plays as a defender for Bundesliga club Bayern Munich and the Netherlands national team.

Personal Life?

Matthijs de Ligt was born on August 12, 1999, in Leiderdorp, Netherland. He was born to his father, Frank de Ligt, and mother Vivian de Ligt and grew up along with his younger brother named Wouter. He holds a Dutch nationality and his ethnicity is Mixed. He also has a twin sibling named Fleur and Wouter. His religion is Christian.

He started his soccer career as a youth player for AFC Ajax after joining the academy at 9 years old.

De Ligt is in a relationship since 2018 with Annekee Molenaar, the daughter of famous Dutch lawyer and ex-football player Keje Molenaar.


Youth career
2008–2016 Ajax
Senior career
Years Team
2016–2017 Jong Ajax
2016–2019 Ajax
2019–2022 Juventus
2022– Bayern Munich
National team
2014–2015 Netherlands U15
2014–2015 Netherlands U16
2015–2016 Netherlands U17
2016 Netherlands U19
2017– Netherlands

How much does he earn?

Bayern Munich spent 67 million euros to sign Matthijs de Ligt from Juventus in the summer of 2022. Matthijs de Ligt signed a contract that nets him a salary of €310,000 per week. (€16,120,000 per year).


Current Market Value:

70 Million Euro

Net Worth:

33 Million Euro


1x Young player of the year
2x Dutch U19 Champion
2016U19 Eredivisie
2015U19 Eredivisie
1x Europa League participant
16/17 Europa League
1x Euro Under-17 participant
20152015 European Under-17 Championship
1x Europa League runner-up
16/17 Europa League
1x Dutch Cup winner 
18/19 TOTO KNVB beker
1x Dutch champion 
18/19 Eredivisie


Matthijs de Ligt

Where does he live?

Matthijs de Ligt House

What does he drive?

Matthijs de Ligt Car

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What kind of boots he is wearing?

Matthijs de Ligt Boots

Who is Matthijs de Ligt’s partner Annekee Molenaar? How does she look like?

Annekee Molenaar
Annekee Molenaar

Love Matcher

Annekee Molenaar

14th September, 1999


Matthijs de Ligt

12th August, 1999


Virgo and Leo Love Compatibility


When Virgo and Leo join together in a love match, they may initially overlook common interests and feel they have nothing to gain from one another. This is a relationship that evolves over time, each partner gradually understanding and appreciating the other. Leo is extroverted, dominant, and charismatic, and often has a short fuse. Virgo is studious and withdrawn, possessed of more versatility than Leo. Although there are differences, they make a wonderful love match when each partner warms up to the other’s unfamiliar style.


Early in the relationship, Leo and Virgo may see nothing but faults in one another. Leo may seem tyrannical, and Virgo may seem too judgmental. But when they stop looking solely at one another’s flaws and begin to discover one another’s positive attributes, they’ll discover an attraction. Leo shows Virgo good times and fun, and introduces the spontaneity that is often missing in Virgo’s life. Virgo teaches Leo patience and focuses their intellectual energy. Leo may feel Virgo is watching with too keen of an eye, but will inspire their partner to ease up. Virgo may consider Leo selfish and foreboding, but can teach them to be sensitive to others’ needs.


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Relationship Analysis using Numerology

Year of Birth19991991
Number of Soul53
Number of Dharma52
Number of Karma63

3 and 6

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