What Are The Best EU Soccer Teams?

There are a few ways you can determine which team is the best, including the number of titles, player value, club value, fan base, and history. Things have changed a lot in the past couple of decades, but some of the top teams are still in the major leagues, like the Champions League.

It’s not hard to determine if they will qualify for a certain league like when figuring out MLB expert picks because they have many advantages that other teams don’t. Even people that don’t watch the sport have heard about some of the top teams. This is because there are over 3.5 billion soccer fans in the world.

Real Madrid – LaLiga

There’s no doubt that Real Madrid is the best team in 2022 because they had a phenomenal season in the Champions League. They managed to win against Liverpool with 1:0, where Vinicius Junior scored the only goal. But that isn’t the only highlight of their season, as they played against some of the toughest opponents, including PSG and Chelsea.

Karim Benzema played brilliantly and scored two hat tricks and other important goals. He played the season of his career, and with the help of other players, they’ve taken down everyone in their path. This season isn’t the only reason why they are on top of the list; the club has a rich history with a current value of over $5 billion.

Liverpool – Premier League

You could say that Liverpool had a great run until the end of the season when they had the opportunity to win the Premier League title and the Champions League. Instead, Manchester City took the title with only a couple of points more than Liverpool, and Real Madrid won in the CL final.

The fans were expecting more titles this year, but that won’t bring the team down, especially because they are considered one of the strongest teams in the world. The current value of the club is over $4 billion, so they will be able to get any player they like.

Bayern Munich – Bundesliga

Bayern has dominated the Bundesliga like every year, and they almost reached 100 goals per season. They also started great in the Champions League, but they lost against Villarreal, which was unexpected. But, when you look at their recent history, they are the best team in the world with two CL titles, 5 German Cups, and 9 Bundesliga titles in a row.

There aren’t too many teams that can handle the pressure of 9 national titles, especially in a strong league like the Bundesliga. It’s hard to predicate what they will look like in a few years because most of their players are older. But, that won’t stop them from getting new talent like Alphonso Davies.

Manchester City – Premier League

Pep Guardiola made a dream team out of Manchester City even if they didn’t manage to win the Champions League. The biggest success of 2022 was winning the Premier League title, which was the most important thing for the club. The Premier League is a dream for many players around the world because of the clubs that are in it.

The club’s value is almost the same as Liverpool’s, just over $4 billion. One of the things that changed by the end of the season was the signing of Haaland. This is another crucial thing they have done this year because he is one of the most wanted players in the world.

PSG – Ligue 1

PSG is one of the wealthiest clubs when you look at the owners, but they are valued at over $3 billion. It seems like they love to sign expensive contracts because they have the capability, and they are doing the same thing every year. They are constantly at the top of the Ligue 1, but they have trouble in European leagues.

One of the toughest losses they had was against Real Madrid in CL when Karim Benzema scored three goals. But their primary goal is to keep that first place in the national league and then worry about CL and EL.

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