How To Become a Professional Soccer Player In Europe

Soccer is the most popular sport globally but in Europe especially compared to the US, where you have NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB are the top leagues people watch. It’s not true that it’s hard to become a professional in every sport, but it can depend on the individual. A great thing about soccer is that everyone can play it, and it’s not expensive to start.

Another advantage it has over other sports is that you don’t have to be a part of the top European clubs to make a living out of it. Many lower league clubs make a lot of money, and you can become a trainer later. Besides spending time on the best online casino, you can follow a few easy steps and get into a better form.

Hire a Personal Trainer

This can be a huge advantage because most people that start from a young age will just join a youth club and practice there. But, the training they do isn’t very efficient because there are too many people involved, and it’s hard for a coach to focus on one person. You don’t need to be a world-class player to become a professional, so it takes a bit of effort to succeed.

It’s never too late to hire a personal trainer because you should train your whole life. Ensure the trainer has all the qualifications needed and possibly experience with some players who achieved success.

Choosing a Team

It’s easy to choose a team when you are younger, and there’s nothing you think about except playing. But, when you are choosing your career options, it can be a difficult decision to make. So, the best option is to choose a local team that has connections with more popular teams in your country.

This can be hard to do if you are based in France, Spain, or Germany because their top clubs won’t collaborate with everyone. You would want to find a team that sends many players abroad. This is a great opportunity to get experience and learn how things are done in other countries.

How To Behave?

The way certain players behave can determine their career path because coaches don’t like players that are full of themselves. Great examples are Mario Balotelli and Pogba; even if they have a great career, they could even be better and possibly win a few Champion Leagues.

Being the best player on the team isn’t a title because you can’t play alone, so be grateful that you are playing for that club. The more you give to the club, the better your path will be because many scouts notice players from smaller clubs.

Record Games

There are thousands of clubs in Europe that are looking for players that will get them to the higher leagues. This is why there are many scouts that watch local games but also do online research for new talent. When you record your games and best plays, you are increasing your chances of finding a team a lot.

Ensure that the video quality is high so everything can be seen well and edited. There are many freelancers online that will edit a video for $50 or even less. Make a compilation video of your best plays, post it on YouTube and make sure your friends and teammates share it.

Find an Agent

You will rarely find a young player that has an agent except if they show great talent early on. Players that are over 18 usually get an agent if they have a promising future. Finding an agent isn’t hard if you have a great soccer background which includes winning tournaments and leagues.

The agent you would want to hire should have experience with other players that signed for teams abroad. They will usually get 20% of the deals you make, but they can be the determining factor when it comes to singing a big deal.

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