Top European Soccer Facts You Didn’t Know About

Begin the most popular sport in the world, there are for sure a lot of facts you didn’t know about. Almost every country in the world has its own league and most of them have a different playstyle. This gives us interesting things to watch and also some amazing records that will never be broken.
Some of the facts can help you make the predictions today but most of them are interesting to know and to share with your friends. The sport originated in England and that might be the reason why some of the top teams come from the U.K. Money is also a big part of it but many teams have proven that money can’t buy the title.
Here, we’ve compiled some of the top facts about players who made a major impact on European soccer, on and off the pitch.

Andres Iniesta Career

Iniesta is one of the most popular players in the game and he’s famous for his brilliant passes. But, his success isn’t an interesting fact you should know, instead, it’s the number of goals he had for Barcelona. When someone scored 57 goals for a team, it’s considered a solid score but when you are among the best players and you do it in 669 matches, there’s something wrong with that fact.
Even if he played for Barcelona when they had the best team in the world including players like Lionel Messi in his top form and Ronaldinho, he wasn’t able to score many goals. But, he managed to have over 140 assists.

Goalkeeper with 130 Goals

Brazilian football is popular because of the style they have and the number of goals they can score. A perfect example is Rogelio Ceni who had a great career that ended in 2015. This goalkeeper managed to score 130 goals in his 25-year-old career. Most of his goals were penalties and free kicks.

Balotelli’s Assist

Mario Balotelli is famous for his bad behavior and selfish playstyle but no one expects that his assistance would be the most important for Mancher City. This wouldn’t be an interesting fact if that wasn’t the only assist he made during his time in Manchester City. He changed a lot of clubs in his career, but this would be the one game he will remember because they managed to win the title after 44 years.

Great Club – No Title

Imagine being one of the best clubs in Germany and not being able to win any title. Fans of Bayern Leverkusen have officially stated that they are under some kind of curse because their team has never won a title in their team’s history. They’ve been at the top of the table many teams and they also had success in national Cups but they never managed to win. In fact, the only titles they won are UEFA Cup and DFB-Pokal.

Drogba Stopped a War

The Ivory Coast had been in a civil war since 2002 but things changed in 2007. The 5-year war was stopped because they managed to qualify for the world cup first time in their history. After winning a crucial match, Drogba decided to get on his knees and let his people know that he did his part and that they need to stop the war.

Soccer Player is a President

It’s not a rare thing for a soccer player to become involved in politics but there’s only one occasion where he became a president. George Weah is not just a soccer player that became a president but also a Ballon d’Or winner, which is the most prestigious title you can get as an individual player. He’s also the only African player to win the Ballon d’Or and also became the president of Liberia.

Premier League

The most popular league in soccer has some of the best teams in the world that always manage to reach the Champions League finals. An interesting fact about the league is that it started in 1992. This is considered young compared to other leagues because modern soccer started more than 100 years ago. England is the place where it all started but they have changed its competition system many times.

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