Most Valued European Soccer Players in 2022

The most valued soccer player is usually determined by the market value instead of gameplay and past results. This is closely connected because the market value wouldn’t be very high if they didn’t bring the results. The numbers are also much higher compared to other sports, and there’s a reason why it’s like that.

Being the most-watched sport in the world, sponsors are always looking for the person with the biggest following. For example, Christiano Ronaldo is the most followed person on Instagram, which is a huge deal for sponsors. NFL games and Super Bowl odds can also reach some great numbers, but the Champions League final is still unbeaten.

Vinicius Junior – Real Madrid

The young Brazilian attacker had a few injuries after joining Real Madrid, and many have doubted that he will do well in the team. After a couple of years in Real, he managed to show his talent and why he is worth more than 100 million euros.

There are multiple reasons why he should be on top of the list compared to other players. Mbappe is the best young player for many people around the world, but the success Vini had in 2022 puts him in the first place. The goal he made in the Champions League final is another reason why every team should sign him.

Kylian Mbappe – PSG

Most of the players that are worth more than 100 million euros are very young, and this might also influence their gameplay. Mbappe is prone to making mistakes, but his talent eats every mistake that he makes. He’s a perfect player you want to support on BET US for scoring a goal in a match, especially when playing for France.

His current worth in the season 21/22 is around 160 million euros. But there’s no sign that he will leave PSG after signing another deal with his hometown club.

He showed great dedication to the club, but also, the deal he signed gave him exclusive rights to some of the clubs’ decisions. This has never been done in the past, so we can expect him to sign once again in 2025.

Erling Haaland – Manchester City

Haaland made his name in Dortmund, where he scored more than 60 goals in around 80 matches. After Mbappe, he is the most valued player standing at over 150 million euros. It’s easy to find a fast striker, but to find a tall, fast player that can handle duels it’s quite difficult.

This is why Manchester City took the opportunity and signed him for much less than he’s worth. He has some great matches in the Champions League, but it wasn’t enough to place his team among the best. There’s a great chance he will show more in Manchester City.

Dusan Vlahovic – Juventus

Even if his market value is much lower compared to Vinicius and Haaland, Vlahovic can comfortably say that he is among the best attackers in the world. Juventus had a tough time after Christiano left, but he also didn’t make a huge success with Juve. You probably wouldn’t gamble on Juve on BET US if they didn’t have Dusan.

His value is around 90 million euros, but the price will increase because he became one of the leading players of the most popular team in Italy. He is two years younger than Mbappe, so there’s more time for him to show his talent.

Lionel Messi – PSG

The best player in history is still among the highest valued even at 34 years old. PSG had a difficult time adjusting him to the team, but with Neymar and Mbappe, there isn’t a better attacking format. Real Madrid has a huge problem for teams like PSG because Benzema played the season of his life.

Losing a few matches will never disregard Messi’s talent and success. He won a few Ballon d’Or and everything else that you can win with a club. His only wish is to achieve the same success with his national team.

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