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The Most Popular Football Players With Tattoos and With Gambling Experience

It’s common to believe that football players lead luxurious lives due to their incredible talent and access to immense wealth. However, this misconception has caused significant problems for many famous football stars due to their involvement in gambling and slot machines. These include difficulties with the paparazzi, abuse on social media, and other issues that diminish the perception of a glamorous footballer lifestyle. Some even face challenges related to extravagant homes, fast cars, and more money than anyone could imagine. Professional athletes can earn millions of dollars each year by simply playing football. As a result, it’s unlikely that they would begin new hobbies. Football players prefer to spend their free time on easy, relaxing activities like going to the gym, hanging out with friends at the casino, playing video games, enjoying the benefits of the best payout slots, and getting fresh ink. Players value emotional support from their tattoos, making it easy for them to access them or get something inspired by gambling. Some players even need mirrors to see their tattoos clearly. Since they didn’t scrutinize the tattoos’ meanings, some players eventually developed a dislike for their tattoos. However, today we will focus not only on tattoos and their meaning but also on famous players who enjoy ink as much as slots with generous payouts.

Why Football Players Like Gambling

Even the highest-profile celebrities can leave their homes without being covered by tabloids. This is especially true for famous football players like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo; they can’t exit their front doors without being noticed by regular people or the press. This makes it very difficult for famous football players to leave home without attention from tabloids and ordinary people. Even a simple trip to the pub could result in bad publicity for a footballer. Concerned about media portrayals, many professional athletes keep their gambling habits private. Sports players, in particular, fear being photographed at casinos because it could make them look like a gambler with a problem. With personal usernames available at muchbetter casinos, many people can gamble privately— including athletes who want to keep their habits hidden. Famous athletes can play online poker with people they don’t know without registering at a website.

They can also win money without anyone realizing they’re playing. Anyone can play poker with a Champions League winner, even if they aren’t a professional athlete. Celebrities often need to spend time alone to recharge. Going to the casino is an example of this; they’d likely get swarmed by fans if they showed up with no reason to be there. By allowing them to deposit just the smallest amount, these celebs can spend time at the casino like anyone else without being bothered.

Impressive Game Selection

Physical casinos have a difficult time competing with the storage capabilities of online casinos. This is because online casinos can offer more games than physical casinos that use coins and chips. Instead of walking down long aisles when switching coins and chips, players can instantly change games in online casinos without walking or waiting for a table. Online sportsbooks allow people to make bets through the internet on their favorite athletes and teams. In addition to this, physically going to a casino can play poker, slots, or dice. However, they can also wager through sportsbooks online. Because of this, sports bettors can instantly transition from rolling dice to participating in a live poker game. Making deposits and withdrawals takes longer at physical casinos than at online ones. Many online casinos provide new players with large bonuses to entice them to make a deposit. Players can also wager using a currency they don’t own by depositing money on a credit card. For example, someone from England can play at an online casino using American dollars despite only owning British Pounds.

Saving Times

Professional athletes can access slot machines and other gambling activities through their laptops. Many European countries ban gambling, so players can’t travel to Monaco to play. Athletes are required to wake up early and attend a training session with the rest of their team. They can’t simply leave their problems by going to a casino. While getting a snack or drink takes just a few minutes, some online casinos offer auto-play functionality. This allows spins to continue when athletes get up to retrieve a snack or drink; many athletes use this time to perform other activities.

Additionally, many mobile devices like smartphones have specific gambling experiences developed by online casinos. This is possible because mobile-friendly casinos are growing in popularity. Gamblers can use last-minute meetings to continue playing while on a plane or while sequestered in a hotel room. This is especially helpful for professional football players traveling for away games. Online gambling allows them to continue playing without interference from their agents or team managers. Many prefer to continue their favorite hobbies at online casinos instead of being interrupted by other commitments. Committing to a new hobby is difficult when you’re forced to stop whenever something else comes up.

Why Football Players Have So Many Tattoos

Tattoos have existed for hundreds of years. People have different opinions about them: some view them as art, some as bravery, and others as desecration of the skin. Since at least the Neolithic Age, people have been practicing tattooing. Skin preserved in ancient tombs confirms there was tattooing in the Neolithic Age, along with other archaeological records. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the few professional football players to wear tattoos. His tattoos are said to represent his father, and many athletes have tattoos with significant meaning.

Homesickness is common for athletes when moving to a new location; it’s considered rude for anyone to poke fun at them for it. Many football players relocate from Seville to Manchester, which can be difficult. The colder climate and frequent rain can cause athletes to feel homesick for their hometown. Some players get tattoos of significant landmarks in their former city to ease this transition. This helps them adjust to life in Manchester, which they can find easily. Sporting tattoos of their hometowns on their bodies helps football players cope with leaving their home city behind when they move to another location. Aaron Ramsey is a Welsh soccer player who plays with the Arsenal football club. He has a tattoo on the lower right side of his leg that features Caerphilly castle and other emblems of his heritage. Likewise, Toby Alderweireld is a defender for the Spurs football club; he has Antwerp’s cathedral tattooed on his right arm.

What Casinos Players Choose



Online casinos provide more games and more availability than regular brick-and-mortar gambling sites. This is because online casinos grew out of the need for traditional gambling houses to serve a larger audience. Online casinos are virtual or internet gambling sites— they’re the online equivalent of traditional gambling houses. Anyone with an internet connection can access these websites at any time of day. Online casinos have many benefits over their land-based counterparts.

They can be played anywhere at any time as long as a computer or smartphone with a strong internet connection is nearby. These casinos offer a wide variety of games; some provide slot machines and classic slots, while others offer blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and scratch cards. Some even provide lotto games and progressive jackpots. Slot machines can be interacted with in virtual reality VR or augmented reality AR. Players can hear jingling coins when playing in these options and physically interact with slot machines in virtual worlds. Not every country allows live casinos to operate within its borders; therefore, anyone wanting to provide these services must receive authorization from the appropriate authorities.

Despite this, the online gambling industry has grown despite laws prohibiting it. Online casinos hosted on websites can provide the same live atmosphere as traditional land-based casinos. This is because they use live-streaming technology to employ live dealers for games like roulette, blackjack, and slots. Physical casinos have advantages over online casinos, but both offer something unique to players. These sites combine the best of both worlds in one place. They offer an interface that looks like a live stream with great visuals and graphics. They also provide the ease of access that online sites have.

Football Players with Tattoos

David Beckham is one of many players who has benefited from expressing himself through unusual hairstyles. Likewise, tattoos allow him to rebel against societal norms. Athletes can use them to escape the monotony of long training days; instead, they can play video games or engage in online gambling. Furthermore, athletes can use tattoos to escape boredom— similar to how pop music fled boredom through the Beatles. That said, tattoos are costly and can cost thousands of dollars per sleeve or even a singular piece of art. So check out our list below to find out more about famous players who love spending their millions on both gambling and tattoos.

Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos is believed by many to be the best football defender ever. He’s also one of the most tattooed athletes in the world. Over the course of his 15-year career, Ramos won just about everything winnable at both the club and international level. Forty-two tattoos on his body represent this. Ramos earns the moniker ‘The Wall’ due to his incredible defensive abilities. He is 32 years old and has won the Champions League 11 times; his body is covered in tattoos. Some of these tattoos reference dates and venues related to the World Cup, while one refers to La Decima. This refers to an injury-time equalizer scored by Ramos that was considered one of the best moments in soccer history. This achievement is etched into his knuckle tattoo. Marco Rubio has many tattoos dedicated to his family. His mother and wife are both referenced in different tattoos; his father’s nickname is referenced in one, and his father’s nickname is referenced in another. Ramos also has Catholic tattoos featuring the Virgin Mary, his sons, and his wife.

David Beckham

David Beckham is considered one of the most famous athletes of all time and has played for several top football clubs. These included Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, AC Milan, Manchester United, and again Manchester United. Despite being part of a talented group of English footballers, Beckham didn’t win anything significant on the international level. Beckham is easy to like; he’s good-looking, charming, and friendly. He has more than fifty tattoos that reference his family. Some of these tattoos reference his wife Victoria and his four children, while others reference Beyonce and Jay-Z during their On the Run tour.

David Beckham is a world-renowned football star and is also Inter Miami FC’s biggest shareholder. Outside of football, Beckham has other business ventures involved in DB Ventures, and the Haig Club whisky brand co-founded with Diageo. Recently, he invested in an esports company through his investment company DB Ventures. The company recently benefited from lockout restrictions on patients with the coronavirus. They hope to raise thirty million and capitalize on the growing interest in online gaming leagues and participants.

Daniele de Rossi

Daniele de Rossi is a Roma soccer player who spends most of his time on the Italian national team. In February 2016, De Rossi visited tattoo artist David Cotes and had him ink a tattoo of his face on his body. De Rossi’s most significant tattoo is one located on his right calf, which references his aggressive and combative nature. The tattoo references the Teletubbies, which means that De Rossi is bold and confrontational. De Rossi’s tattoo references his history of gambling in casinos dating back to 1994. Currently, he plays football for the Argentine football club Boca Juniors. This illustration shows De Rossi’s dangerous tackle that severs an opponent’s leg from their body. He spends time at the casino playing video poker regularly despite seemingly healthy gambling habits. His love of the activity is what keeps these behaviors contained.


Neymar is very well-known for his fashionable nature and soccer skills. In addition to being a passionate poker player, Neymar frequently plays with his friends. He has scored many goals and not won as many Ballon d’Or as he has. What makes Neymar successful and popular among football and soccer fans is his love of basketball while playing football. Neymar is one of the most famous and wealthiest footballers in the world. One reason for his popularity is his unique hairstyle and fun personality. Neymar Junior was tattooed by Adao Rosa, who tattooed more than 40 tattoos on his body. Adao Rosa inspired every single one of these tattoos, and their significance is uncanny. Neymar got tattoos to represent significant moments in his life. Some of his tattoos reference his family, like his sister Rafaella. Others reference superheroes like Batman and Spiderman. Neymar has tattoos honoring his close friends. Some of these tattoos honor victories in the Champions League and the Olympics. Others contain inspirational words or messages.

Joey Barton

Barton is a former professional soccer player; he currently enjoys sports betting. He’s notorious for his athletic abilities and many scandals. Like many athletes, Barton relishes playing cards and poker, but he prefers to bet on sports related to his profession. Furthermore, he considers himself a gambler and considers sports betting an obsession. Although professional athletes are forbidden from betting on their marks, Joey’s hobbies frequently caused controversies throughout his career as a soccer player. Having tattoos drastically alters a person’s mindset and thought process. Joey has stated that he has other tattoos on his chest; however, having one dramatically changed the way he makes decisions. These altered states of mind have caused Joey to make poor choices frequently. Due to his tattoos revealing his mental state, he committed many legal mistakes. However, this changed state of mind also inspired Barton to share the meaning of his tattoo on one of his social media accounts. The Sanskrit tattoo reads ‘Balwant,’ meaning mighty and strong. Barton also has a two-faced wolf tattoo positioned on his calf. Once he retired from the sport he played, he decided to retire altogether.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a retired Swedish soccer superstar believed to be one of the most talented athletes in history. Ibrahimovic was considered a great inspiration due to his confidence and belief in himself. Although he initially opposed the idea, he eventually became fond of tattoos after getting his first one. Zlatan’s tattoos are inspired by the birth dates of his male family members. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is covered in tattoos on most of his body. However, tattoos do not cover the back of his body and lower legs. Zlatan’s right wrist has the code ZIC written on it. This code consists of numbers tattooed on his wrist. Additionally, Zlatan’s body is covered in tattoos; every part of his upper body is covered except his back. Some of the tattoos on Zlatan’s body contain information about his family. For example, the dates Sapko and Sefik are written on top of one of his arms.

As a warrior-like personality, Zlatan features a red dragon on his right side. This references his nickname Drakon Petros, which means The Rock Peter in Greek. His days of birth are marked by Arabic writing for Vince and Maximilian; these initials can be seen on his left side. An H symbol on his wrist also refers to his wife, Helena Seger. This symbol can be seen on Zlatan’s left side, which depicts Helena and his mother. Zlatan’s tattoo represents the steadfast men in his family. He designed the tattoo so that the men would appear next to each other, which he says is symbolic of how close they are to him. Yet, the player doesn’t have the best relationship with gambling. Because FIFA partnered with Bethard — a gambling company in Malta — Zlatan can be banned from football for three years due to his tattoo.

Exception: Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is exceptionally talented at soccer; he’s widely considered the best player in the world. However, he’s also a well-known professional gambler and poker player. He’s earned the nickname “the determination man” due to his focus on two high-intensity activities. Ronaldo has recorded incredible scoring records and won multiple other awards. In addition, he doesn’t have many tattoos on his body. On several occasions, Ronaldo has played against Patrick Antonius, a professional poker player. Ronaldo believes that getting a tattoo is a waste of time. Since he has already won the Ballon d’Or award five times, he doesn’t think tattoos are necessary. He also has no tattoos because he wants to donate blood more often. Ronaldo has been featured in several commercials related to poker. Ronaldo has no tattoos honoring his Portuguese heritage or commemorating his goals. His reason for not getting any way to benefit humanity. He frequently donates blood to help a leukemia patient whose father is a close friend. Additionally, donors are required to wait 4 months after getting a tattoo or piercing before donating again.

Final Thoughts

Athletes can waste a lot of money by getting dramatic tattoos, making foolish bets or wagers, and buying ripped jeans from famous brands. They can also lose money by spending it on designer jeans with holes in them. It’s very specific, we know. Some critics believe athletes regularly waste money on trivial things like tattoos and gambling. Athletes may even wager on or bet on games, which leads these critics to think they will end up broke when they get older. However, sports betting is the most common form of gambling; it’s also the easiest to access. It offers many advantages such as entertainment, the opportunity to win prizes, and increased knowledge about sports. Spending their time away from obligations, athletes play games and get tattoos. This helps them pass the time during boring afternoons following intense training sessions. We recommend getting a tattoo and having a gambling experience on your own. As such, do so responsibly and mindfully.

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