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How casinos and sponsorship affect European football: analysing the relationship between gambling and sport.

The modern gambling industry is inextricably linked to sport. Major players in the gambling industry sponsor national and amateur football clubs and help to develop and maintain fan interest in sporting events. Millions of players log on to non gamstop casinos websites every day to enjoy their favourite pastime and compete for jackpots. And sports organisations, given such a high popularity of online casinos among people, use gambling sites to advertise current events. Little-known casino operators do the same, putting the logos of their projects on players’ T-shirts.

Sponsorship of football clubs by casinos: the main reasons

There are a number of understandable reasons why online casino operators sponsor European football.

  • Audience expansion. As we have already noted above, a lot of fans follow the development of the situation on the football field. If you advertise your casino in front of such a wide audience, you can attract tens of thousands of new players to the site. Therefore, casino operators sponsor football clubs, which for financial support placed on their shirts or other elements of uniforms logos gambling projects.
  • Similarity of interests. It must be said that football fans are of particular interest to casino operators. After all, it is this group of people and forms the basis of the customer base of any gambling company. Portrait of a typical football fan – a young man with an above-average income, actively interested in sports. And it is such people are more often than others play gambling and, with a fortunate coincidence of circumstances, receive as a winnings of large sums of money.
  • Improving the reputation. Financial assistance to players, sponsoring matches and organising sports meetings can dramatically change the attitude of people to the gambling industry. A casino associating itself with a popular local football club will look as honourable as possible in the eyes of the public. Sports fans in most cases trust companies that help their favourite athletes financially. Those brands that have previously financed local amateur teams and have moved to a higher level (up to sponsoring large-scale sporting events) will enjoy the unconditional trust of millions of football fans. After all, the test of time shows that such companies have serious intentions, which means that they will monitor the safety of players and the quality of service offered with the highest level of responsibility.

It must be said that gambling companies involved in sponsoring football tournaments are often mentioned in the press. As a result, the casino will be able to stand out against the background of faceless competitors.

The role of sponsorship in the development of European football

Of course, the first thing to note is the financial benefit. It is obvious. Sponsors invest huge sums of money in their projects, which players or clubs can spend at their discretion. But, there are a number of other positive reasons that encourage football clubs to enter into partnerships with representatives of the gambling industry.

  • Reaching new audiences. Large casinos have a huge base of customers to whom it is possible to sell tickets or related products on the site with slot machines. In this way it is possible to attract to football those people who were not previously interested in the sport. In addition, casino sites have a large number of slots dedicated to football themes. Many users regularly go to the casino to bet and score another virtual goal. But before buying tickets for the match and going to the stadium they have not previously reached their hands. Inspired by another virtual victory, players can buy a ticket to a football match and join the team of fans of this or that national team.
  • Empowerment. Football teams or individual players, selling their name to gambling companies, can get access to opportunities that previously could not even think of. Clubs that have not been formed for a long time can attract attention from fans from all over the world. By engaging in self-promotion, such national teams can eventually compete with the biggest teams for additional revenue and fans.

Every week, millions of fans turn on the broadcasts to enjoy their favourite athletes play. And when choosing a casino to play slots, the adverts they see on sports uniforms or on the fences will make all the difference.


There is no doubt that there is a close and mutually beneficial relationship between those involved in the football and gambling industries. The two industries are in a constant partnership, helping each other to develop and improve their position. Football fans who discover online casinos can enjoy playing slots dedicated to their favourite athletes or outstanding national teams. Such a favourable cooperation for the two parties gives every reason to believe that it will rapidly develop in the future. Sport and gambling entertainment – a great tandem to attract and retain new players.

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