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Ralf Rangnick calling for backup

Manchester United fans have undoubtedly been enthusiastic about the newly-appointed manager Ralf Rangnick. Hopes at Old Trafford is that the German expert will be the one to bring glory back to the club. The manager from Germany is well-known in the field of football tactics and coaching and chances are that he could be the one that can make the correct changes. The team already started showing improvements and you could see that with Coral betting.

Ralf Rangnick and his recent United success and changes

Ole Gunnar Solskjær did a good job with Manchester United and the steps in the path to success were already starting to be paved but changes had to come in order for the team to continue on the right track. That change was named Ralf Rangnick. The German brought immediate improvements to the game and the results didn’t take long to improve as well.

With the German manager in charge, we had 2 league victories and a 1:1 Champions League draw against Young Boys. The two victories in the English Premier League came against Norwich and Crystal Palace and the team looked very solid on the pitch. The 2 clean sheets were truly something that the fans will appreciate as earlier this season they had some very heavy defeats –

  • 4:1 to Watford
  • 5:0 to Liverpool
  • 4:2 to Leicester.

Ralf Rangnick looks to Ewan Sharp for further changes

Further changes had to be implemented according to the German tactician despite the pleasing results achieved by the team. Ralf Rangnick demanded that Ewan Sharp be signed by the club with hopes that this will bring the team a step closer to what the manager dreams the team could be. Ewan Sharp will be a valuable staff member and expectations for him strengthening that part of the team are great. The arrival of Ewan Sharp at Old Trafford is no coincidence as he and Ralf Rangnick are no strangers to each other. They have worked together in the past and Ralf Rangnick has a very good opinion of the Scotsman.

Football fans may have heard of his name in his most recent adventures – FC Toronto and Lokomotiv Moscow. He is a great addition to the club as he managed to graduate Mercyhurst University with a major in sport business. In the meantime, he kept was a key member of the university’s football team and he brought a lot of success to the team. After his graduation in 2014, he managed to become an assistant coach of the team and was in charge of some major changes like the video editing and analysis for the team.

As mentioned above, he has worked all over the world – from the USA to Russia, but Manchester United is undoubtedly his biggest challenge yet. As far as we can tell from what Sharp has said in the past, we can expect him to be in charge of some very thorough analysis and planning of the opposition and the post-game information. We can expect him to be another step in the right direction for Ralf Rangnick and his philosophy and Manchester United as a whole.

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