Granit Xhaka vs Paul Pogba – Premier League – 2017/2018

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Granit Xhaka


Paul Pogba


Position: Midfielder

Premier League – 2017/2018

Statistical Analysis

Date: 11.07.2018


Granit Xhaka vs Paul Pogba. The two fantastic midfielders in Premier League, but who has performed better in 2017/18 season?

Therefore we have made an analysis of the statistics achieved by Granit Xhaka and Paul Pogba in five passing categories:

  • Assists
  • Key passes per match
  • Passes per match
  • Pass success percentage
  • Crosses past per match

Granit Xhaka played more games in 2017/18 season for his team than Paul Pogba did — 38 to 27.
Xhaka played more minutes than Pogba – 3266 to 2151.
Paul Pogba has 10 assists in Premier League (EFRating = 8.00), which is more than Granit Xhaka’s 7 assists (EFRating = 5.60).
Paul Pogba has recorded 1.4 key passes per match in Premier League (EFRating = 3.04), compared to Granit Xhaka’s 1.0 (EFRating = 2.17).
Xhaka has created 82.0 passes per match in Premier League (EFRating = 4.03), which is more than Pogba’s 63.7 passes per match (EFRating = 3.13).
In Premier League, Granit Xhaka has completed 86.9% of his passes (EFRating = 3.97), while Paul Pogba has completed only 85.3% (EFRating = 3.43).
Xhaka has recorded 0.8 crosses per match in Premier League (EFRating = 2.82), compared to Pogba’s 0.1 (EFRating = 0.35).

Based on the analysis above, Granit Xhaka is clearly the king of 3 passing categories (passes per match, pass success percentage and crosses per match).

Paul Pogba is the king of 2 passing categories (assists and key passes per match).


In conclusion, with all the statistics, Granit Xhaka seems like superior passer in Premier League.


Player Granit Xhaka Paul Pogba
EFRating 18.59 17.96


Granit Xhaka
Granit Xhaka

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