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Who will be in the transition zone of the Dutch Eredivisie 2022/2023: preview

The Dutch elite football championship is coming to an end. Feyenoord from Rotterdam has already guaranteed the championship, so there is no more intrigue in the fight for gold. Groningen and Cambuur were relegated early. At the same time, it is interesting who will take the 16th line and play in the playoffs for the right to remain in the Eredivisie.

Four teams at once claim the 16th place of the Eredivisie, namely: Emmen, Excelsior, Volendam and Vitesse. Having studied the form of these teams during the season, we can assume which of them will be able to avoid participating in the playoffs for the right to keep a residence permit in the Dutch football elite. If you want to bet on the Dutch championship, and also like to play in the casino, then we recommend doing it at pin up casino uz.


The guys of Dick Lyukkin are extremely unstable in the current Eredivisie draw. By the 32nd round, Emmen was 16th in the standings. Ahead of the 17th Groningen by 10 points, the inhabitants of the “De Oude Merdijk” were one point behind the 15th Excelsior. With 6 victories (only Groningen and Cambuur have fewer), the Red-White-Blacks have drawn 10 times and lost 16 times. It is worth noting that the brainchild of Ronald Lubbers is one of the most peaceful teams in the tournament.

Of the worst five in the league, Emmen suffered the fewest defeats. In 16 rounds out of 32, the Red-White-Blacks scored points. So the chances of a team from the city of the same name not going down in the standings are quite good.


Marinius Dijkhuizen’s boys are having an extremely uncertain season. After the 32nd round, Excelsior was on the 15th line in the standings and lagged behind the 14th Volendam by four points. Having won 8 victories and 5 draws, the club from Rotterdam suffered 19 defeats. It is worth noting that the “red-blacks” had one of the worst attacks in the league. Only the last Cambur missed the brainchild of Bob de Lange. Stein van Gassel and company have chances not to stay in third place from the bottom, but for this it is necessary to score points more regularly.

In the remaining rounds, the Red-Blacks will play Volendam away and Fortuna Sittard at home. The calendar is quite good and Excelsior is quite capable of climbing the tournament ladder.


Wards of Wim Jonk show not very stable results, but the team has quite good chances to stay in the Eredivisie. Having won in 9 matches (the most in the bottom five), Volendam drew 6 times and lost in 17 cases. Lagging one point behind the 13th Vitesse, the “other oranges” were four ahead of the 15th Excelsior. In 2023, the brainchild of Piet Kemper defeated Wahlwijk, Groningen, Volendam, Emmen, Fortuna Sittard, Kambur and Sparta Rotterdam.

This year, Volendam is quite regularly gaining credit points. In the remaining rounds, the “Other Oranges” will play Excelsior at home, as well as the Go Ahead Eagles away. The opponents are not the most formidable and it is quite possible to get hold of them with points, so the club owned by Pete Kemper is likely to remain in the Eredivisie.


Phillip Cocu’s team is not having a particularly confident season. At the same time, two rounds before the end of the championship, the gap between Vitesse and the 15th Emmen is six points. Considering how FC Hollywood on the Rhine scored points, the team will have no problems maintaining a residence permit in the elite. Having won 8 victories in the Eredivisie and drawn 10 times, the “yellow-blacks” lost in 14 matches.

In the remaining matches of the championship, Vitesse will play with Groningen at home, as well as Feyenoord away. With one of the main outsiders of the tournament, FC Hollywood on the Rhine is very likely to get at least one point, which is enough to definitely not fall below the 16th line.

Our prediction

Excelsior, Volendam and Vitesse have a fairly good calendar and these teams are able to score points in most of the remaining matches. So the “red-blacks”, “other oranges” and “yellow-blacks” are very likely to finish the tournament above the 16th line. Emmen in the remaining battles will have to face Utrecht on the road, as well as Feyenoord at home. The Red-White-Blacks are unlikely to be able to score properly. So the brainchild of Ronald Lobbers is likely to play in the playoffs for the right to stay in the Eredivisie.

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