The Most Enthralling Football Game in the World

Football gives us so much. Think of the craziest matches you’ve ever watched on the world stage. Some have scripts that even the most creative screenplay writers could never dream up. Or if they did, they would be knocked back because it was too unrealistic. The phrase ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ can be applied to football in that way.

Every fixture tells a new story, some more exciting than others. When you’re signed up to play Fantasy Premier League (FPL), you’re also concerned with all the mini stories going on within each game. Who scored? What player was credited with the assist? Did they keep a clean sheet? Was anyone injured?

Sounds exhausting, but it’s not. If you’re a football fan, you take it as part of your commitment to the sport known as the ‘beautiful game’. Another reason you can deal with the FPL ‘workload’ throughout a season is by using the tools available to you and everyone else.

FPL Tools to Utilise

One of the top tools to equip yourself with in the world of fantasy football is a solid and reliable source for predicted lineups. Don’t just settle for any old effort in this department either. Find the best and stick with them. If you already use an FPL tips site, find your way to their EPL predicted lineups page and take it from there.

The best sites will offer a lot more than just the likely starting elevens for each team. Hopefully, you’ll see a fixture analysis section that rates the upcoming games for each club, assigning a difficulty rating to each match based on the specific opponent’s squad strength and current form. You may also see more data referring to odds and probabilities such as the likelihood of a player scoring in his next game, a clean sheet for the team, the chances of a match having over or under 2.5 goals, and more.

When you choose a site or sites to use each week, make sure you use it in your regular FPL routine. Before each gameweek deadline, find the information you need and use it to the best of your ability. In essence, that’s what FPL management is all about.

Predicted lineups will assist you with final decisions on the transfers to make, the captain (and vice-captain) to pick, and the order to have your substitutes in.

Give some time to choosing your FPL tips sites. Consider the following:

  • How the site looks – you don’t want some gaudy colours giving you a migraine!
  • The user experience and interface used – is it easily navigated?
  • The writing style used in the bulk of the content

Sure, some of these things may seem trivial now but do remember you want to use these sites for the rest of the football season. Best be happy with what you choose.

Players Out of Action in the Premier League

This section may appear quite obvious to fans who have been playing FPL for many years. There are thousands of newbies to the game every year though so let’s ensure everyone knows what they can.

The two main reasons for players missing games in the Premier League are injuries and suspensions.

You’re not expected to know what players are injured at every club. Therefore, make it your business to find the sites that provide up-to-the-minute information that you can depend on. A quick scan of each team’s injury list will help you avoid unwanted errors throughout the season. It should only take you a few minutes each week to do this, depending on the usability of the site.

There’s no better way to keep track of the naughty boys who are suspended at any given stage of the season than via the official FPL site. You will see what players are suspended and how many games each one is expected to miss.

A player who picks up five yellow cards serves a one-game suspension. As does someone who gets sent off in a match – either for two yellows, or a straight red for a professional foul.

Dissent is frowned upon by the FA and a red card resulting from dissent comes with a two-match ban. Players can miss even longer if sent off in a game for violent conduct. They can miss three games or even more.

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