Six Stats to Know Before the 2021 Champions League Round of 16

The draw for the 2020/21 Champions League Round of 16 is final. We have approximately two months between now and the first leg, which means we have plenty of time to prepare. We also have time to look back at the Group Stage and look over some interesting stats and facts that could help us make smarter bets on the tournament. You can start making smart bets on the Champions League now by checking out the excellent options at

Here are six interesting pieces of information you should know before the start of the Round of 16.

 Bayern Munich Behind Last Year’s Scoring Record

Bayern Munich was pacing ahead of their record-setting Three matches into the 2020-21 Champions League after scoring 12 goals. However, they only netted six goals over their final three Group Stage games to finish with 18 (or 3.00 per match). The 18 goals are enough to lead all clubs, but they lag behind the record-setting 3.91 goals per game they averaged last year. Despite their scoring slump (if you can call it that), Bayern Munich finished the Group Stage with a 5-1-0 record. Also, speaking of 5-1-0 records in the Group Stage.

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Bayern Munich and Manchester City Join Elite Company After Finishing 5-1-0

Only 31 clubs in Group Stage history have finished 5-1-0 or better – including Bayern Munich and Manchester City this year. Bayern Munich is now 11-1-0 in the Group Stage, dating back to last year, the best two-year record of any club. Munich also set the record for the longest winning streak in Champions League history over the previous year with 15 in a row. Manchester City is unbeaten in the Group Stage for a second straight year going 10-2-0 overall since 2019/20.

Paris-Saint Germaine on Pace to Tie Yellow Card Record

Paris Saint-Germaine leads all clubs with 17 yellow cards after the Group Stage at the 2020-21 Champions League. That averages out to 2.83 per game. If PSG continues to average that many yellow cards per match, they will tie the record of 37 yellows in the tournament – set by Valencia back in 2000-01. In 2000-01, the tournament lasted 17 games – from the first Group Stage to the Finals, which Valencia reached. That means, if PSG continues drawing yellow cards at the same pace and reaches the finals, they will tie Valencia’s record but do so in four fewer games.

Manchester City Ties Record for Fewest Goals Conceded in a Group

Manchester City allowed only one goal in the Group Stage, tying the record for the fewest conceded. It is the 13th time a club has only allowed one goal in the Group Stage. Juventus is the only club to do it twice. Three clubs did it in 2005/06 – Chelsea FC, Liverpool FC, and Villarreal. What is most shocking about this stat is that not one of the 12 clubs to concede just one goal in the Group Stage won the Champion League.

 [Premier] Chelsea vs Manchester City : 6

Second Straight Year with Four Clubs from Two Nations in the Knockout Phase

Spain and Germany are spending four clubs into the knockout stage, the second year (England and Spain in 2019/20) two nations have four clubs in the knockout stage. The two times this year brings the total to 15 clubs overall. However, four clubs from the same nation making it to the quarters is much rarer. England is the only nation to have four clubs reach the quarter-finals, doing so in 2008, 2009, and 2019. An England club won the Champions League in 2008 and 2019.

Barcelona’s Streak of 13 Straight Group Wins Snapped

Barcelona’s record-setting 13 straight group wins ended this year after they finished tied with Juventus but lost the tiebreaker – head-to-head goal difference. During those 13 years, Barcelona won three Champions Leagues and made it past the Round of 16 every year. While finishing second in their group means a more challenging path to the Finals – they drew PSG in the Round of 16 – Barcelona is still a powerhouse capable of winning it all in 2021.

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