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Raffael vs Sébastien Haller – Bundesliga – 2017/2018

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Sébastien Haller


Position: Forward

Bundesliga – 2017/2018

Statistical Analysis

Date: 16.08.2018


Raffael vs Sébastien Haller. The two fantastic forwards in Bundesliga, but who has performed better in 2017/18 season?

Therefore we have made an analysis of the statistics achieved by Raffael and Sébastien Haller in five offensive categories:

  • Goals
  • Assists
  • Shots per match
  • Key passes per match
  • Dribbles per match

Sébastien Haller played more games in 2017/18 season for his team than Raffael did — 31 to 27.
Haller played more minutes than Raffael – 2352 to 2083.
In Bundesliga, Raffael has scored 9 goals (EFRating = 3.15), same like Sébastien Haller (EFRating = 3.15).
Haller has created 4 assists in Bundesliga (EFRating = 0.76), which is more than Raffael’s 2 assists (EFRating = 0.38).
In Bundesliga, Raffael has completed 1.9 shots per match (EFRating = 1.83), while Sébastien Haller has completed only 1.3 (EFRating = 1.26).
Raffael has recorded 1.3 key passes per match in Bundesliga (EFRating = 2.93), compared to Haller’s one per match (EFRating = 2.25).
In Bundesliga, Raffael has completed 1.7 dribbles per match (EFRating = 2.94), while Sébastien Haller has completed only 0.5 (EFRating = 0.87).

Based on the analysis above, Raffael is clearly the king of 3 offensive categories (shots per match , key passes per match and dribbles per match).

Sébastien Haller is the king of 1 offensive category (assists).


In conclusion, with all the statistics, Raffael seems like superior offensive player in Bundesliga.


Player Raffael Sébastien Haller
EFRating 11.23 8.28



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