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Premier League teams ranked by most tackles (Season 2022/23) – 13.07.2023

Premier League teams ranked by most tackles (Season 2022/23)



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Which team finished the season as the top ranked by most tackles in Premier League?


It’s easy to count tackles, but which teams are really the best in this category?

Tackling is a lost art form in football, but these teams on the list try to keep the tradition going.

There are thousands of relevant statistics that we could take away from this season, and some would argue that the most important statistic is the one that tells us who’s at the top of the league.

But today we are looking at the teams ranked by most tackles in Premier League. Which team have made the most tackles? And how many? Let’s see.


Team T
1. Leeds 840
2. Chelsea 740
3. Southampton 713
4. Everton 708
5. Leicester 700
6. Crystal Palace 690
7. Wolverhampton 661
8. Nottingham Forest 659
9. Manchester United 658
10. Aston Villa 633
11. Fulham 624
12. Bournemouth 618
13. Tottenham 617
14. Brighton 616
15. Newcastle 607
16. West Ham 607
17. Liverpool 590
18. Brentford 587
19. Arsenal 568
20. Manchester City 471

T = Tackles

* A list of the teams ranked by most tackles in Premier League (Season 2022/23).


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Credits (SL Bilten 21/22, p.11)


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