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Newcastle United may offload key player excluded from manager’s strategy

In a strategic move, Newcastle United is exploring the possibility of transferring an essential team member who does not feature in the plans of the current manager.

Ryan Fraser, who officially became a part of Newcastle United on 7th September 2020, securing a contract spanning five years, could potentially be departing the team. Over the course of his tenure, Fraser remarkably participated in 53 matches donning the Newcastle United jersey and successfully netted 2 goals.

Recent assessments conducted by estimate Fraser’s present market value at an impressive 6 million euros, further solidifying his stature within the football domain. Expanding his reach beyond the club, Fraser engaged in 25 matches while representing Scotland and impressively contributed 4 goals to the national side.

Ryan Fraser
Ryan Fraser

As the transfer window edges towards its closure at the commencement of September, Newcastle United is meticulously finalizing their ongoing transfer activities. Notably, reports emanating from Italy, courtesy of Sky Sports, divulge Empoli, expressing a fervent interest in securing a loan arrangement for the proficient United winger, Ryan Fraser.

Euro Football Rumours

The potential transfer has garnered considerable attention within the football sphere. Evidently, Newcastle United is inclined to facilitate Fraser’s departure, primarily stemming from his perceived discord with the team’s current chief, Eddie Howe. Strikingly, despite a history of collaboration during their shared time at Bournemouth, Fraser and Howe underwent a falling out in the preceding term, which has evidently influenced the course of events.

Newcastle United
Newcastle United

Empoli’s enthusiasm to negotiate a deal with Newcastle United is palpable, albeit with a notable condition attached. The Italian side appears poised to contribute approximately 50 percent of Fraser’s wage package, unveiling a potential compromise that would benefit all involved parties.

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