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Lazio set to sign Hugo Lloris

Lazio, the prominent contender in Italy’s Serie A, is intensifying its efforts to secure the services of Hugo Lloris, the exceptional shot-stopper hailing from Tottenham.

Back in August of 2012, Lloris inked his allegiance to Tottenham Hotspur, becoming an integral part of their roster. His acquisition came with a price tag of €10 million, accompanied by an additional variable fee of €5 million.

Over the course of his tenure at Tottenham, Lloris showcased his remarkable skills in goalkeeping, amassing an impressive tally of 447 appearances. Notably, his talents weren’t confined to club duties alone; he proudly represented France in 145 international matches.

Despite his storied history with Tottenham, the French luminary and triumphant World Cup champion is embarking on a new chapter. It appears that Lloris, now aged 36, is fervently seeking a fresh and invigorating venture, with Lazio emerging as a prospective harbinger of his desired opportunity.

Hugo Lloris
Hugo Lloris

Gianluca Di Marzio, a reputable source within the football realm, has divulged that discussions amongst all relevant parties are in full swing. The hope on all fronts is for a speedy and harmonious resolution to the ongoing negotiations.

Euro Football Rumours

Eager to have their pieces in place before the imminent commencement of the Serie A campaign, Lazio’s ambitions are resolute. The Italian side aspires to see Lloris donning their colors and guarding their net with unwavering prowess as they venture into the exciting season ahead.

This potential union between Lloris and Lazio carries an intriguing subplot. The manager of the Lazio squad, the esteemed Maurizio Sarri, shares a history with Lloris from their shared time within the competitive landscape of the Premier League. Such familiarity might prove to be an asset, nurturing an environment conducive to Lloris’s seamless integration into the squad’s tactical fabric.


In essence, Lloris’s journey toward Lazio represents a convergence of ambition and opportunity, offering the seasoned goalkeeper a chance to script a captivating new narrative in his illustrious career. The footballing world watches with bated breath as negotiations unfold and the prospect of this impactful transfer inches ever closer to fruition.

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