Iago Aspas vs Diego Costa – LaLiga – 2018/2019

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Iago Aspas


Diego Costa

Position: Striker

LaLiga – 2018/2019

Statistical Analysis

Date: 29.08.2019

Iago Aspas
Iago Aspas

We all have favorite strikers. Either because they play in our favorite football team, because the way they play the game suits our eyes or because of what they have accomplished. Obviously, and Football being such a passionate sport, more often than not, football fans tend to be constantly against each other, trying to demonstrate that their favorite football player is the best and nobody can outplay him.

Football is a universal language, that can inspire discussion between people from all parts of the globe. The debate that can inspire an opinion from just about any football fan around the globe concerns the relative merits of Iago Aspas and Diego Costa.

Iago Aspas vs Diego Costa. The two fantastic strikers in LaLiga, but who has performed better in 2018/19 season?

Therefore we have made an analysis of the statistics achieved by Iago Aspas and Diego Costa in five offensive categories:

  • Goals
  • Assists
  • Shots per match
  • Key passes per match
  • Dribbles per match

Iago Aspas played more games in 2018/19 season for his team than Diego Costa did — 27 to 16.
Aspas played more minutes than Diego Costa – 2262 to 1117.
In LaLiga, Iago Aspas has scored 20 goals, while Diego Costa has scored 2 goals.
Aspas has created 6 assists in LaLiga, which is more than Costa’s 2 assists.
In LaLiga, Iago Aspas has completed 2.6 shots per match, while Diego Costa has completed only 1.0.
Aspas has recorded 2.1 key passes per match in LaLiga, compared to Costa’s 0.6.
In LaLiga, Iago Aspas has completed 0.7 dribbles per match, while Diego Costa has completed 0.6.

Based on the analysis above, Iago Aspas is clearly the king of 5 offensive categories (goals, assists, shots per match , key passes per match and dribbles per match).

The final score is 5-0.
In conclusion, with all the statistics, Iago Aspas seems like superior striker in LaLiga.

Player Iago Aspas Diego Costa
Status Winner Loser

Iago Aspas or Diego Costa: Which striker would you want in your side?


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