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How to pick a sportsbook for the 2023 football season

The 2023 EPL and football season is due to start in August 2022, so we don’t have long to wait! To make this season more interesting, you could consider registering at a sportsbook. Sports betting platforms can add more enjoyment to the season.

You can watch matches live and place some bets to give the games real-life stakes. If this sounds interesting, we have listed six things you should look for to pick the right sportsbook for the upcoming football season.


1. Promotions for new customers


If this is your first foray into sports betting, you must look at the promotions and bonuses each platform offers. Most sportsbooks offer new customers something like the PointsBet promo, free bets, no-risk bets or even a deposit bonus.

These promotions essentially give you free money or allow you to make your initial deposit money go further. Look at the bonuses available. What are they? What are their terms and conditions? Do you think you could use the promotion for football betting?


2. Tournaments covered


Next, you have obviously selected a range of sportsbooks that cover football. But you should also take this one step further.

What tournaments and leagues do they cover? Can you place bets on the EPL, Championship and League 1? Can you bet on domestic tournaments such as the League Cup and FA Cup? What about international tournaments such as the World Cup and UEFA Champions League? The best football sportsbooks will cover virtually every popular football league and tournament and go beyond the top-flight league for each country.


3. Matches covered


Building on the above point, you should also look at the individual matches covered. If a sportsbook doesn’t specialize in football — often non-EU sportsbooks don’t feature football widely, they may not provide betting options for a large variety of games.

If you are a die-hard footy fan, you want to have the option to place bets on any game! This doesn’t just mean the games of the most popular teams such as Manchester United and Liverpool. Review their football section and drill down to find out what actual matches they cover.


4. Variety of individual bets


The variety of induvial bets is also important, especially if you love the statistical analysis of football. The top sports betting platforms will offer hundreds of individual bets. These will go far beyond simple match outcome predictions, such as who will win in Manchester City vs Everton.

For the best betting experience, you want variety. Look at the individual bets the platform offers for different games. Ideally, there should be many choices, including total goals, first goal scorer, number of cards, number of freekicks and score predictions.

Primarily, these varied bets give you more enjoyment. However, many of them also have good odds and can win you some serious cash too.


5. Withdrawal methods


The best sportsbooks for football make it easy to withdraw your winnings. This is why you should look at the withdrawal methods and the withdrawal terms. You can usually find this information on a dedicated banking page.

The top platforms offer multiple withdrawal methods, including Visa, credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Maestro, Paysafecard and more. Also, they should offer quick withdrawal processing times, and not charge any withdrawal fees. Ideally, there should also be a low minimum withdrawal amount of £10 or less, for example. All of this means you can access your winnings and benefit from them quicker and easier!


6. Licensing and security


Our last, and most important tip is to only register with a licensed sportsbook. Each country has its own gambling regulations and laws. These rules and regulations are typically overseen by a regulatory body such as the UK Gambling Commission.

The UK Gambling Commission is then responsible for distributing gambling licenses to sportsbooks and online casinos. Also, they are responsible for auditing the platforms and making sure they comply with regulations. As a result, we only advise registering with sportsbooks that are licensed by the regulatory body in their country of operations. Using an unlicensed sportsbook could result in fraud or security issues. You may also struggle to withdraw any money.

We hope you have found this article useful. As you can see, there are many factors that contribute towards a good sportsbook. From a fun point of view, the tournaments, individual matches and the types of wagers are incredibly important. However, you should also not overlook the ease of use, security and promotions available either.

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