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Barcelona poised to land Arsenal midfielder Jorginho

While Jorginho remains a valuable asset within the Arsenal squad, he finds himself on the fringes when the team is at full strength.

Jorginho’s tenure at Arsenal has seen him participate in 20 games, albeit without hitting the back of the net. According to the valuation on, his market worth currently stands at a noteworthy 15 million euros.

On the international stage, Jorginho has represented Italy in 48 matches, showcasing his abilities with five goals to his name.


Recent reports from ESPN have shed light on Barcelona’s contemplation of a potential move for Arsenal’s holding midfielder, Jorginho, either during the winter or the upcoming summer transfer window.

The intrigue surrounding this prospect centers on the admiration of Jorginho by Barcelona’s head coach, Xavi. The revered Barcelona legend holds the Italian midfielder in high regard.

Euro Football Rumours

Jorginho’s style of play aligns seamlessly with Xavi’s football philosophy, characterized by short passing and a possession-dominating approach. The midfielder’s tactical acumen and ball-retention skills make him a desirable addition to Barcelona’s setup.


The potential transfer of Jorginho to Barcelona not only underscores the club’s aspirations but also reflects the evolving dynamics of Arsenal’s midfield. While he continues to offer value to the North London club, a move to Barcelona could offer Jorginho the opportunity to thrive in an environment that aligns more closely with his playing style.

As the transfer discussions progress, football enthusiasts eagerly await further developments to see if Jorginho’s rumored transition to Barcelona will come to fruition, bringing an exciting chapter to his football journey and potentially enhancing Barcelona’s midfield dynamics.

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Should Barcelona make a move for Jorginho?

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