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AC Milan target Aston Villa centre-back Diego Carlos

AC Milan have expressed keen interest in securing the services of Aston Villa’s esteemed player, Diego Carlos, initiating preliminary discussions regarding the acquisition of the Brazilian stalwart.

Diego Carlos, during his tenure with Aston Villa, showcased his prowess in 37 matches, exhibiting both defensive acumen and occasional offensive contributions, tallying a solitary goal alongside a crucial assist.

Moreover, the adept defender further solidified his credentials by representing the Brazilian Olympic squad in seven fixtures, demonstrating versatility and scoring prowess with a notable goal to his credit.

Diego Carlos
Diego Carlos

According to the latest evaluations on, Diego Carlos commands a market value of €16 million, indicative of his stature in the footballing arena.

Despite his commendable track record, the 31-year-old currently finds himself on the fringes of Aston Villa’s strategic framework, a circumstance that Milan seeks to leverage in their favor. As per insights from Daniele Longo, Milan has incorporated Diego Carlos into their roster of prospective central defensive targets, with initial communications already underway.

Euro Football Rumours

Having initially acquired the defender for a substantial €31 million, Aston Villa now harbors intentions to recoup this investment should they opt to part ways with the player, underscoring the financial dynamics at play in the potential transfer negotiations.

Milan’s interest in Diego Carlos underscores their strategic pursuit of bolstering their defensive lineup, recognizing his proven capabilities and potential contributions to their campaign aspirations. Conversely, for Aston Villa, the prospective departure of Diego Carlos presents an opportunity to streamline their squad dynamics while potentially garnering a considerable return on their initial investment.

AC Milan
AC Milan

As negotiations progress, both clubs are poised to engage in a series of deliberations to ascertain the feasibility and terms of the prospective transfer deal. While Milan aims to strengthen their defensive core with the acquisition of Diego Carlos, Aston Villa remains steadfast in their pursuit of a favorable outcome that aligns with their strategic objectives.

In essence, the impending transfer saga encapsulates the intricate dynamics of modern football, wherein clubs navigate the complexities of player acquisitions and departures with strategic foresight and financial prudence. As Diego Carlos emerges as a focal point in the transfer market discourse, the footballing world eagerly awaits the unfolding developments that will shape the trajectory of his professional journey.

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