Neymar and Natalia Barulich

Neymar and Natalia Barulich

Neymar and Natalia Barulich

Everything you need to know about Neymar the Paris Saint-Germain star and his stunning ex-partner Natalia Barulich.


Welcome to all fans from all over the world. We have searched and crawled the internet and have come up with some amazing facts and pictures regarding Neymar and Natalia Barulich. Make sure to stick around until the end. Enjoy!

Who is Neymar?

Full name: Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior

Date of birth: Feb 5, 1992

Place of birth: Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil

Height: 1,75 m

Citizenship: Brazil

Position: Forward – Left Winger

Foot: Right

Player agent: Relatives

Current club: Paris Saint-Germain

Outfitter: Nike

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, known as Neymar, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a forward for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazil national team. He is widely considered as one of the best players in the world.

Personal Life?

Neymar has a son, Davi Lucca, born on 13 August 2011, with former girlfriend Carolina Dantas. He has a very close sibling relationship with his sister Rafaella Beckran, and cemented this platonic closeness by tattooing her face on his arm, while Beckran tattooed her brother’s eyes on her arm.

Neymar is a Christian and follows the Pentecostal branch of the religion. Neymar has spoken about his faith saying: “Life only makes sense when our highest ideal is to serve Christ!”. Additionally, he has sometimes worn a headband with the words “100% Jesus”. Neymar reportedly also tithes (10%) his income to his church and has named Kaká as his religious role model. Each year, Neymar organises a charity match with fellow Brazilian footballer Nenê in Nenê’s hometown of Jundiaí, with the purpose of raising food for needy families. In addition to his native Portuguese, Neymar also speaks Spanish.


Youth career 
1999–2003Portuguesa Santista
Senior career 
2017–Paris Saint-Germain
National team 
2009Brazil U17
2011Brazil U20
2012–2016Brazil U23

How much does he earn?

Paris Saint-Germain spent 222 million euros to sign Neymar from Barcelona in the summer of 2017. Neymar signed a contract that nets him a salary of € 1,090,000 per week. (€ 56,680,000 per year).


Current Market Value:

75 Million Euro

Net Worth:

215 Million Euro


2x World Cup participant
1x FIFA Club World Cup participant
2012Santos FC 
1x Champions League winner
14/15 FC Barcelona 
1x FIFA Club World Cup winner
2015 FC Barcelona 
4x French champion 
19/20 & 21/22
Paris Saint-Germain 
18/19 Paris Saint-Germain 
17/18 Paris Saint-Germain 
2x Spanish champion 
15/16 FC Barcelona 
14/15 FC Barcelona 
2x French cup winner
19/20 Paris Saint-Germain 
17/18 Paris Saint-Germain 
2x French Super Cup winner
19/20 Paris Saint-Germain 
18/19 Paris Saint-Germain 
2x French league cup winner
19/20 Paris Saint-Germain 
17/18 Paris Saint-Germain 
3x Top scorer 
14/15 UEFA Champions League 
14/15 Copa del Rey 
11/12Copa Libertadores 
1x Second highest goal scorer
09/10 Santos FC 
1x Footballer of the Year
1x Copa Libertadores winner
10/11 Santos FC 
1x Recopa Sudamericana winner
11/12 Santos FC 
1x Olympic medalist 
15/16 Brazil Olympic Team 
1x Under-17 World Cup participant
2010Brazil U17 
1x Uefa Supercup winner
15/16 FC Barcelona 
1x Under-20 South American Championship winner
2011Brazil U20 
2x South American Footballer of the Year
2012Santos FC 
2011Santos FC 
1x Confederations Cup winner
1x League Player of the Year
2018Ligue 1 
1x Brazilian cup winner
2010Santos FC 
3x Spanish cup winner
16/17 FC Barcelona 
15/16 FC Barcelona 
14/15 FC Barcelona 
1x Spanish Super Cup winner
13/14 FC Barcelona 



Where does he live?

Neymar House

What does he drive?

Neymar Car

When the Ferrari 458 was unveiled in 2009 as a replacement for the Ferrari 430, it quickly became the benchmark for the supercar world.

A rival to the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Porsche 911 and McLaren 650S, the mid-engined Ferrari 458 Italia is available in two body styles – a coupe, and a Spider convertible. Both have eyewatering levels of performance thanks to the 4.5-litre V8 in the coupe, and the 4.4-litre V8 in the Spider.

In terms of looks, the Ferrari 458 ticks all the supercar boxes thanks to a gorgeous, aerodynamically influenced body capable of turning heads at 1,000 paces. Inside, the high quality cabin is focused on the business of driving with a Formula 1 influenced steering wheelcarrying all the major controls.

The 458 doesn’t disappoint behind the wheel either. The Ferrari seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox shifts in the blink of an eye, while the standard ceramic brakes deliver massive stopping power.

Top it off with searing performance, hugely engaging handling and some old-school Ferrari magic, and the 458 is simply sensational. If the standard car doesn’t provide enough thrills, Ferrari also makes a more hardcore 458 Speciale version that takes the visceral excitement to another level.

The Ferrari 458 Italia comes at a premium almost as sobering as its 0-62mph time of 3.4 seconds. It starts at around £179,000 and that’s before you’ve even looked at the options list.

What kind of boots he is wearing?

Neymar Shoes

Who is Neymar’s partner Natalia Barulich? How does she look like?

Natalia Barulich
Natalia Barulich

Love Matcher

Natalia Barulich

13th January, 1992



5th February, 1992


Aquarius and Capricorn Love Compatibility


When Capricorn and Aquarius join together in a love match, they tend to bring out the most positive attributes of one another. Capricorn is a more cautious, rational outlook on life, while Aquarius is insatiable, fostering an idealistic approach to nearly everything. On the surface, they may seem like total opposites, but once these two set eyes on one another, an unbreakable bond is formed.

Both Capricorn and Aquarius can be opinionated to the point of seeming unwilling to compromise. Capricorn thrives on organization and is always looking for consequences. Aquarius is modern and finds routine troublesome and boring. Capricorn will find wonder in Aquarius, but may get frustrated trying to find a stitch of logic in their partner’s desultory, mystical mind. Aquarius will not appreciate the domineering streak in their partner, but will find the solid base that Capricorn provides to be a great support and will be relieved that someone will help them to take care of their personal matters.

Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn, and Aquarius is also ruled by Uranus. Saturn is a cool, traditional energy. This planet is very goal-oriented and devoted to progressive thinking. Capricorn and Aquarius merge their strengths to Aquarian revolutions or Capricornian social status. Uranus is about all things different and unusual. Capricorn will show Aquarius a life based on organization, rationality and comfort. Aquarius can help Capricorn to dream more and possibly stand up for their beliefs.

Capricorn is an Earth Sign and Aquarius is an Air Sign. Aquarius sees life as an random exploration, while Capricorn looks for a specific result. At times, these two may understand where the other is coming from. Conflicts can arise in this relationship if Capricorn becomes overly regimented or Aquarius drifts off too often into flights of fancy. Both partners need to learn that they have a unique way of navigating life’s paths, and so have many things to share with and learn from one another.

Capricorn is a Cardinal Sign and Aquarius is a Fixed Sign. Both can be implacable, opinionated and stubborn. Both partners have an intense drive to obtain objects of their desire. If they have a plan, they’ll stick to it until they have what they want. Capricorn prefers to generate the ideas and to dole out the assignments. Aquarius is pleased to help Capricorn out if they are given a substantial role. Conflicts may occur due to the pigheadedness of both Signs. However, if they understand they’re working together for a common goal, it’s much easier for them to achieve noticeable results.

What’s the best aspect of the Capricorn-Aquarius relationship? It’s the unbreakable bond they form when they come together. This relationship will be enlightening and a delight to both partners. Their love will be a valid asset, not only to themselves, but to those around them.


Relationship Analysis using Numerology

Year of Birth19921992
Number of Soul45
Number of Dharma57
Number of Karma81

1 and 8

1 and 8: From a business standpoint, this is a good match. But from the love angle, it is questionable at best. Both are so assertive and demanding, that expectations can far exceed reality. Negative feedback from either will be deadly in this pairing. Success depends on a open and mutual willingness to compromise and limit demands.

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