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James Rodriguez and Shannon De Lima

James Rodríguez
and Shannon De Lima

James Rodriguez and Shannon De Lima

Everything you need to know about James Rodríguez the Olympiacos star and his stunning partner Shannon De Lima.

Welcome to all fans from all over the world. We have searched and crawled the internet and have come up with some amazing facts and pictures regarding James Rodríguez and Shannon De Lima. Make sure to stick around until the end. Enjoy!

Who is James Rodríguez?

Name in home country: James David Rodríguez Rubio

Date of birth: Jul 12, 1991

Place of birth: Cúcuta  Colombia

Height: 1,81 m

Citizenship: Colombia/Spain

Position: Midfielder – Attacking Midfield

Foot: Left

Player agent: Gestifute

Current club: Olympiacos

Outfitter: Adidas

James David Rodríguez Rubio, is a Colombian professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder or winger for Olympiacos and the Colombia national team. He has been praised for his technique, vision and playmaking skills, and is often considered the successor to his compatriot Carlos Valderrama.

Personal Life?

In 2015, Forbes estimated that James’ annual income was $29 million. James has been married to volleyball player Daniela Ospina, sister of David Ospina who is also a player of the Colombia national football team, since 2011 and has a daughter named Salome, born on 29 May 2013. On 27 July 2017, it was announced that the couple is in the process of divorcing. James is a devout Christian. He acquired Spanish citizenship in 2019.

During his early days playing in South America, James was approached by Adidas head scout Claus Peter Meyer. He featured occasionally in various adverts for Adidas as well as the Colombian beverage “Pony Malta”, Nestlé drink “Milo”, and the shampoo brand “Clear”. After the 2014 World Cup, where he won the Golden Boot as the tournament’s top goal scorer with six goals, Adidas took advantage of James’ increased exposure and issued him his own custom gold boots to celebrate his achievement and increase the brand’s on-pitch association with their new star asset.


Youth career
2001–2005 Academia Tolimense de Futbol
2005–2006 Envigado
Senior career
Years Team
2006–2008 Envigado
2008–2010 Banfield
2010–2013 Porto
2013–2014 Monaco
2014–2020 Real Madrid
2017–2019 > Bayern Munich (loan)
2020-2021 Everton
2021-2022 Al-Rayyan
2022- Olympiacos
National team
2007 Colombia U17
2011 Colombia U20
2011– Colombia

How much does he earn?

 James Rodríguez signed contract that nets him a salary of €115,000 per week. (€5,980,000 per year).


Current Market Value:

13 Million Euro

Net Worth:

78 Million Euro


2x Champions League winner
16/17 UEFA Champions League
15/16 UEFA Champions League
1x Europa League winner
10/11Europa League
1x Spanish champion 
16/17 LaLiga
2x German Champion
18/19 1.Bundesliga
17/18 1.Bundesliga
1x Top scorer 
13/14 World Cup 2014
1x Portuguese cup winner
4x Portuguese Super Cup winner
2013Supertaca Candido de Oliveira
2x World Cup participant
2018World Cup 2018
2014World Cup 2014
1x Midfielder of the Year
14/15 LaLiga
1x Copa America participant
14/15 Copa America 2015
1x Under-20 World Cup participant
2011U20-Weltmeisterschaft 2011
1x Champions League participant
2018UEFA Champions League
2x Uefa Supercup winner
16/17 UEFA Supercup
14/15 UEFA Supercup
2x FIFA Club World Cup winner
2016FIFA Club World Cup
2014FIFA Club World Cup
1x German cup winner
18/19 DFB-Pokal
2x German Super Cup winner
18/19 DFL-Supercup
17/18 DFL-Supercup
1x German cup runner-up
17/18 DFB-Pokal
3x Portuguese champion
12/13Liga NOS
11/12Liga NOS
10/11Liga NOS


James Rodríguez

Where does he live?

James Rodríguez House

What does he drive?

James Rodríguez Car

The Lamborghini Gallardo is a sports car built by the Italian automotive manufacturer Lamborghini. It is Lamborghini’s first best-selling model with 14,022 built throughout its production run. Named after a famous breed of fighting bull, the V10 powered Gallardo has been Lamborghini’s sales leader and stable-mate to a succession of V12 flagship models—first to the Murciélago (4,099), then to the current flagship, the Aventador.

The Gallardo was the first Lamborghini to be fully developed under Audi’s ownership and it shows in the superb build quality. The cockpit is wonderfully finished and despite the obvious Audi switches, retains that important Italian flair. Four-wheel drive is standard on every version, including the very pretty Spider open-top, to make the V10-powered Gallardo supremely good to drive.

With the coupe, the main choice is between standard six-speed manual gearbox and the E-Gear ’box that does without a clutch pedal but add shift paddles behind the steering wheel. The LP560-4 model arrived with even more power and a 0-62mph time of 3.7 seconds. The Gallardo was replaced by the Huracán.

What kind of boots he is wearing?

James Rodríguez Boots

Who is James Rodríguez’s partner Shannon De Lima? How does she look like?

Shannon De Lima
Shannon De Lima

Love Matcher

Shannon De Lima

6th January, 1988


James Rodríguez

12th July, 1991


Capricorn and Cancer Love Compatibility


When Cancer and Capricorn make a love match, it’s a celestial pairing of great tenacity and determination. Capricorn, the Sea Goat, is focused on logic, on being down-to-earth and real; Cancer brings a charge of emotional intensity to the relationship. Both hold one another to high standards tempered by an abiding mutual respect. In a Capricorn mate, Cancer finds dedication, and in return Capricorn comes to love Cancer’s persistence. These two Signs from opposite sides of the Zodiac can come together to create a very successful and secure connection.

This relationship builds and grows from a strong foundation of material and emotional security. Both Signs can be depended on to make frugal, conservative decisions. It doesn’t have to be all solemnity, though, as Cancer can help their hard-working Capricorn lover to relax a little at the end of the day, to take time to enjoy the rewards of all that labor. Cancer will also be the one to polish and preserve the fruits of their shared accomplishments; Cancer is the keeper of nostalgia and cherished memories and possessions. Capricorn moves Cancer toward achievement and keeps in check their Crab-like tendencies, enlightening Cancer to the more important matters of the world outside their own easily bruised heart. This relationship succeeds if there is an ironclad commitment and a stable, traditional home environment.

The Moon (Emotion) rules Cancer, and Saturn (Karma) rules Capricorn. The Moon is a warm, feminine energy, and Saturn a cold, masculine energy. The Moon is emotional and nurturing; it is about maternal care giving and intuition, both of which become vital to Cancer. Saturn practices integrity and discipline to achieve goals. A Cancer love mate can show their serious Capricorn companion how to enjoy life and to appreciate beauty and comfort. Mothering Cancer truly enjoys smoothing over Capricorn’s hard edges. Conversely, the Sea Goat can smooth Cancer’s ruffled emotional feathers by providing the sort of solid foundation that Cancer desperately craves. Capricorn teaches Cancer to be more disciplined and to go out into the world and strive toward goals.

Cancer is a Water Sign, and Capricorn is an Earth Sign. Earth Signs focus on possessions, Water Signs on emotion and intuition, but also on beauty and nostalgia. The Cancer-Capricorn love mates like to surround themselves with beautiful things — a stately home, gorgeous artwork, expensive cars. Their desire to be economically stable and their love of finery ensures that this couple will work hard toward this and other shared goals. This mutual love for fine things keeps them out of arguments about one partner trying to live ostentatiously or beyond their means.

Cancer and Capricorn are Cardinal Signs. Both are initiatory, active and ardent. Though this can be a catalyst for some dynamite conflicts, it can provide Capricorn with an emotional pillar, as Cancer is entirely dedicated to the relationship. Their differing emotional dispositions complement each other well — Capricorn excels in getting the nitty-gritty business done, and Cancer always steps in when emotional counseling is needed. These Signs will get along well if Capricorn and Cancer allow one another to use their respective individual strengths.

What’s the best thing about the Cancer-Capricorn relationship? Their utter dedication to one another and their mutual commitments toward shared goals. Both are lovers of quality and of beautiful, luxurious things, and neither shirks at the idea of a little hard work if that’s what it takes (in fact, Capricorn would rather be working than almost anything!). Their shared passions, sense of responsibility and morality make theirs a highly compatible relationship.

Relationship Analysis using Numerology

Year of Birth19881991
Number of Soul63
Number of Dharma71
Number of Karma63

3 and 6

3 and 6: This is a natural combination that works well in most cases. The 3 is full of enthusiasm and ideas, and the 6 provides the stability, support, and encouragement that often makes this combination an idea team in many ways. The chemistry here is very strong and durable. The challenge of this combination can come in the form of 6 jealous feelings toward the oft flirtatious 3. Usually it will be the 6 who will have to learn to deal with an inborn trait.

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