Football Facts and Streaks 06.10.2017

Football Facts and Streaks




Football Facts & Streaks
Football Facts & Streaks



  1. Spain have won 100% from 6 matches against Albania.
  2. Wales have lost 8% of their last 12 internationals games.
  3. Croatia have scored at least 1 goal in all of their home matches in World Cup Qualifying so far.
  4. Ukraine have conceded in all of their away matches in World Cup Qualifying so far.
  5. Moldova have conceded 2.5 goals per game in World Cup Qualifying so far.
  6. Ireland have scored 66% of their goals in the first and final 15 minutes of each game.
  7. Italy are unbeaten in home World Cup qualifiers since they started in 1934.
  8. Spain have kept 80% clean sheets in their last 5 meetings with Albania.
  9. Spain have scored 65% of their goals in this campaign in the second half.
  10. Liechtenstein have lost 7 straight home matches.
  11. Israel have won 100% from 3 matches against Liechtenstein.
  12. Serbia have averaged 2.12 goals per game in World Cup Qualifying so far.
  13. Austria last 4 international defeats have been by 1 goal.


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